Who knew that felting would be so easy and satisfying. I expected it to be much more difficult but with Lynne’s patient and kind guidance I produced something I was really proud of. She is a great teacher with a wealth of experience.


I’ve really enjoyed the workshops and found Lynne’s relaxed manner a joy to learn new skills from – she really doesn’t mind how many times you ask the same question. I found the Zoom tutorials easy to follow and just as engaging as workshops. Lynne has a great knowledge and her supplies to purchase are reasonable and her own dyed roving wools are awesome.


Having discovered Lynne’s little shop, I initially brought some wonderfully crafted toadstools and a little mouse as a Christmas gift for a friend. I loved how unique there were, so I brought some more “little friends” for myself to go on the bookshelf. I’m a huge fan of Lynne’s work and now have a custom made felt pineapple and cactus on my bookshelf to add to my growing collection. Delighted customer.


We indulged in ‘sand n water’ type adult play, experimenting with rainbow colours and sensual textures. Lovely stuff!


I found Lynne’s Zoom needle felting workshop for making a blue tit easy to follow, once I had got used to doing things remotely! It was simple to compare the stages I had reached with what Lynne was teaching. I was really pleased with the result and happy to be needle felting in lockdown. I would very much recommend a workshop like this.