About Me

Hello, I’m Lynne and I produce my work from my wonderful workshop in my garden in Devon.

I have been creating artwork using felt and embroidery since my teens, which is a very long time! Back then I was often commissioned to create embroidery pictures.

With the resurgence of learning handmade skills in recent years, my passion for making has increased. I have learnt the art of handmade felting and silk paper making and combine this with my embroidery skills. I create a range of wildlife animals, birds, bees, butterflies and ladybirds. I design three dimensional sculptural pieces, hanging mobiles, felt landscape mats and artwork. I am fascinated by the flexibility, strength and beauty of working with fibres. I use a combination of wet and needle felting techniques.

The themes of my work are related to British wildlife, gardens, woodlands and the sea, all of which are abundant in the beautiful county of Devon.

I am particularly interested in bees, aesthetically pleasing and essential as pollinators of plants and makers of honey. For this reason, one of my major creations so far has been a beehive of wool and silk fibres and bees with delicate wings. I often incorporate bees within my pictures and sculptural pieces. In addition, I make needle felted bees, which I sell individually or in groups as hanging mobiles.

I am also inspired by the sea from holidays spent on the South Devon coast. I aim to capture the rich colours and movement of the sea waves throughout my work.

I hand-dye wool for my own work and to sell. I use acid dyes which produce vibrant colours and natural dyes for subtle tones. I find natural dyeing in particular an exciting process and the end results of both acid and natural dyeing lead to a lovely range of wool from which unique creations can be made.

I am passionate about promoting the art of felt making by running regular workshops for both beginners and intermediate learners. I endeavour to provide practical advice & encouragement to participants so that they can use their own ideas in creating their own work. Many of my workshop attendees have reflected on how they find the process of felting making therapeutic. As a former Play Therapist, I understand the power and importance of creativity as a therapeutic process and aim to promote this throughout my teaching.

Lynne Dewberry
NCFE Fibrecraft
Member of the International Feltmakers Association